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    Update history before this year

    • Newsletter vol.1 No.4 has came has came out.(12/11/2008)
    • Information about Ashigara Pass Touring has been updated. (4/11/2008)
    • Newsletter vol.1 No.3 has came has came out.(4/11/2008)
    • "Ferry to Shikoku" is updated. Many sea roads fares have been increased. (19/7/2008)
    • Start to accept application for 2008 Mt. Fuji Ecocycling & JCN One Day Tour - Tokyo to Mt. Fuji.(1/7/2008)
    • JCN publishes Hokkaido section of the Length of Japan cycling route(20/06/2008)
    • Add Hauke's report to Rider's Report. Thank you very much Hauke! (08/3/2008)
    • We launched our newsletter.(22/2/2008)
    • Announced A Free Guided Tour in Kanagawa (21/2/2008)
    • JCN-organized one day cycling tour in Chiba is intended to provide urban residents with an opportunity to get away and cycle on rural path between rice fields in Chiba, 50km east of Tokyo. It's free of charge.(26/11/2007)
    • The questionnaire is closed.(09/2/2007)
    • Start lobbying against legislation that allows bicycle to ride on sidewalks.(06/1/2006)
    • Bikes in Japan and Bike Shops pages are updated. Let us introduce the aspect of bikes in Japan and recommended bike shops.(25/12/2006)
    • Japan Cycling Navigator forms a partnership with Tokyo Great Cycling Tours. Let us introduce their well considered route.(07/12/2006)
    • Japan Cycling Navigator forms a partnership with Japan Hopper. Enjoy sharing your experiences with others, not apply only to biking.(03/10/2006)
    • Updated "Biking" page. Let you know law and reality involving biking in Japan. (6/7/2006)
    • JCN Offline Meeting will be held in Tokyo, Sunday 25th of June 14:00-15:30. (4/6/2006)
    • We renamed our course guide as "Length of Japan". We are designing this route as a part of the "Japan Cycling Route Network".
      "Length of Japan:Hokkaido", "Length of Japan:Tohoku" and "Lenght of Japan:Kyushu" is under construction.(16/4/2006)
    • We started new Web Forum!(03/12/2005)
    • We copied files to the new server (03/12/2005)
    • We designed two ride programs that anybody who would like to participate can participate. Come out and ride a bike with us!(13/8/2005)
    • Kiwi Roy's report is uploaded in "Rider's Report". It's really cool! (16/7/2005)
    • Introducing the access from Kansai Airport to Shikoku.(02/7/2005)
    • Introducing the sea roads headed from Honshu and Kyushu to Shikoku.(27/6/2005)
    • JCN supports EXPO 2005 RIDE. We announce our actions relevant to this ride. (25/4/2005)
    • Add links to bicycle rental shops in Japan. (27/3/2005)
    • Placing atmospheric data of each point which are in our Course Guide. This will be help of considering equipments for cycling in Japan.(09/3/2005)
    • New staff Mico join a circle of JCN. She accepts Spanish mail. See About or Contact for detail. (04/3/2005)
    • James Smith contributes article to Rider's Report. Thank you very much, James. This article must inspire people to ride in Japan. (17/2/2005)
    • The section Nikko - Tokyo is updated. Hereby our Course Guide Fukuoka - Tokyo comes to completion! (11/12/2004)
    • We improve the Hospitality List so that you refer to another map website for where the volunteer staff lives. Click "MAPS" button in the list, then our cgi will make some links which contain their positional data. Notice that we assign city or prefecture government as positions they live, since JCN doesn't comprehend their entire addresses. (27/11/2004)
    • Information page about camping is updated.(02/10/2004)
    • An article "Airprot Informations" are added. A bit of advice concerning international airport.
    • Course Guide "Nagano-Nikko" is updated.(17/08/2004)
    • We get in Amazon Associates to help you buying "Touring Mapple". Check our articles.(14/05/2004)
    • Course Guide "Gifu-Takayama" is updated.
    • Adding a postscript to Course Guide, Takayama-Nagano. This route is available from July, and we give an indication of an alternative route. (28/04/2004)
    • Our brand-new articles "Course Guide" are opening.(8/04/2004)
    • Sell & Buy board is now available. (28/03/2004)
    • Version 2 underconstruction(27/12/2003)
    • Window size changed to fit 800*600 monitor(23/02/2003)
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