Length of Japan: Trans-Japan Cycling Route

from Hakodate to Wakkanai

Length of Japan part 1
hakodate kuromatsunai sapporo asahikawa

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Many cyclists travel to Hokkaido to do touring and they generally pass though the same points along the way.
When one thinks of Hokkaido, nature, wide roads and cheap, clean camp sites and hot springs are just some of the things that come to mind about this cycling paradise. No matter which roads you choose you are sure to enjoy a wonderful vacation.
As you look at the line that we have drawn over the map, we hope that it will help your travels in Hokkaido become a reality.

This route has been chosen to take you through the real Hokkaido. Not only for the natural beauty, but the route also passes though points of historical importantce. When planning your trip, you do not necessarily have to pass though all the points listed in this plan.

Additionally, in this document, there is no information about lodging or camping facitilies. We do present a route which can be a very enjoying cycling trip, however we recommend that you also bring a map (like "Touring Mapple") or another guidebook for your journey.

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