Mountain Pass


There are very beautiful passes. Especially Bihoro Pass is very famous and actually one of the most beautiful passes.
Shiretoko Pass also very beautiful. If you are lucky, you can see Kunashiri island which is occupied by Russia.

Please be careful to ride around passes. Especially Shiretoko Pass is famous as fog. So many accidents occur along this road.

You also have to watch deers! Please ride slowly.


Kinmuto pondZoom

If you want to see the view

  • Bihoro Pass is the most famous. Great view of the lake Kussharo.
  • Tsubetsu Pass and Koshimizu Pass is less known than Bihoro pass. However, it is as beautiful as it!
    Tsubetsu Pass is more quiet.(View point is 2km for from the actual pass, but don't miss it)
  • Nissho Pass, you can see great Tokachi plain(eastern direction).
    Western side is in the deep mountain.
  • Kiyosato Pass also recommended. You can also visit Uramashu at once.

Koshimizu Pass Koshimizu Pass

Deep wild nature

    Shinmi PassZoom
  • Sekihoku Pass is in the deepest mountains.
  • Along the way to Shinmi Pass, you can see majestic white birch forest!

Other good passes

  • Mikuni Pass is the highest pass in Hokkaido(1100m high).

    uploaded:18, 02, 2006