Okinawa is southern islands in Japan. However, it belong to Japan bust this 200 years.
Okinawa were islands trading Nation and known as Ryukyu for long centuries.
Okinawa is very interesting place to visit for Mainland Japanese, too. Because their culture is highly influenced from China, but also still remain Japanese ancient culture. Therefore many folklore scholars visit there and found very interesting cultures.
Okinawa is also know as a ghastly war at the end of the WWII which killed more than 238 thousand people were killed. Okinawa prefectural peace memorial museum

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Riding Guide

Because all of islands are not so big, riding bike in Okinawa is not like a journey. However, it doesn't mean it is not place for cycling. Bicycle must be one of the best relaxed transport for a half day snoozing on the beach.
There are some cheap camping sits and also many (relatively) cheap gust houses(1500-2500 Yen for shared room without meal).

Ishigaki island

Yadokari: a hermit crab, Ishigaki island,Okinawa
There are good camping sites for cyclist.
Yonahara Camping site must be a best in front of shining beach. You can snorkel in the sea to see coral. Wonderful!

Boat to Taiwan

You can take a boat from/to Kelong or Gaoshun, Taiwan.
Notice this boat come to Naha city directly from Taiwan. Although you can take it at Naha, Ishigaki island or Miyako island, it doesn't stop at Ishigaki and Miyako island.
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Hospitality List

Hospitality List

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