Tyres and Tubes

The most common tyre in Japan is one for Mamachari, which has 650A wheel and it's tubes that equipped with Woods (English) valve. Woods valve may be not familiar with foreigners, because it is old and out of use in the world today.

English valve

Loose nothing by remembering that such archaic valve is in widespread use in Japan. When you buy tubes or an inflator, make sure they aren't for Woods. Your tubes may be French or American valve. Japanese notation for Woods is (英), French valve (Presta) is (仏), and American valve (Schrader) is (米).

MTB tyres (26 inch) are commonly used as with in most countries. Almost all of Manachari shops sell MTB tyres and tubes. So you can easily get them all over the place. But notice that some particular tyres, such as 1 inch width slick tyres or very fat tyres for Dwonhill, are sold only in specialist shops.

700C tyres are little hard to get compared with MTB's. They are sold only in specialist shops. When you reach a bit city, replace the tyres before they completely wear. But it's overkill to take along spare tyres. There are many big cities in Japan and they are not far each other.

uploaded:24, 12, 2006