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Kansai International Airport (Osaka)

Bikes can't escape from the island!

himejicastle.jpgKansai International Airport is on isolated island. Only one bridge connect the airport with Japan mainland, but bicycles and foot passengers are not allowed to cross this bridge. Only cars and trains can do it. That is to say, you can't start running from the airport and have to take some kind of public transportations again there. We feel sorry that our government neglects bikes and cyclists.

Ferry from the island

There is a ferry which connects the airport island with Awaji island. However the bridges which connects Awaji with other islands are exclusive to cars. It's not allowed to cross these bridge by bike. And there is no ferry for Shikoku and Kyushu from Awaji island. There is only a ferry for Akasahi, Kobe city.

"Rinko" from the airport

The cheapest way to get to mainland is to take a train and ride one station from the airport. It costs 350 yen. You are supposed to do "Rinko" when you get on a train with your bike. Japanese trains don't have any cargo cars.

When you take a bus or wagon taxi, you are also supposed to do Rinko. Kansai Airport Limousine accepts luggage up to 0.25 cubic meter, 30kg, 2 meter maximum edge length. Sky Gate Shuttle accepts luggage up to 2 meter total length of three edges. In either case, perhaps regular bike which is packed may be all right. However tandem bike which has undetachable frame seems hard to get on trunk.

Sending a bike from the airport

It's expensive way, but you can send a bike from the airport to anywhere inside Japan. If you don't reserve hotel, set it's destination to branch office of express agency where you're going to visit. You can pick up your bike at the branch office you designated, in exchange for a duplicate. Also you can send a bike or luggage to the airport branch office. This way is called "Kizuke(気付)" or "Kyokudome(局留)" in Japanese.

The most expensive way is that sending bike as it is, without doing Rinko. Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. offers that service which is called "Chiisana Hikkoshi Bin(小さな引越便)". It costs over 10,000 yen from Tokyo to Hokkaido. But it's worth considering to send undetachable tandem bike.

The other way is to pack bike into Rinko bag or the like, then send it. Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. offers that service which is called "Yamato Bin(ヤマト便)". It costs about 3,500 yen from Tokyo to Hokkaido.

Airport branch office of Yamato Transport is PASCO Co.,Ltd. which is on south part of 1st floor. Some clerks may be unfamiliar with "Chiisana Hikkoshi Bin" and "Yamato Bin". But we obtained confirmation of the customer's personnel for inquiry in Yamato Transport Osaka. Ask clerks with assurance.

Sending luggage except a bike

Sending a bike without packing is expensive way, on the other hand, packing a bike must be attentive operation. Because you need to robustly pack it to prevent from deliveryman's rough treatment.

So, it's good idea to send luggage as opposed to send a bike. Maybe you carry a lot of luggage like panniers or a cycle trailer, a tent, and a sleeping bag. Imagine that you don't have to carry them, couldn't you travel light by public transportations? In addition, sending such luggage is more reasonable than sending a bike even if it's packed. The express agencies which accept a bike are few, but these normal luggage is acceptable by any agency. Of course "Kizuke(気付)" or "Kyokudome(局留)" is also available.

Actually this way is useful in another situations. For example, let's say you came across Kansai district, and would like to skip to Tohoku district. You can send luggage from any express agency or post office somewhere in Kansai. By doing this, the rest you have to carry on are only your bike and valuables. You can travel light by trains to Tohoku.

Getting outfits for a journey near Kansai Airport

Next door to Rinku Town Station, which is one stop from the airport station, there is big shopping complex named Rinku Premium Outlets. That includes some outdoor shops such as The North Face and Coleman. You can get outdoor equipment there.

Rinku Premium Outlets > Access > Map

To resupply bike spares, you need to get far a little bit. It's about 4 km from Rinku Town St., there is a bike shop which handle MTB and Road Racers.

Bicycle Land Crank

link.gifMap(The centered cross icon represents the position of the shop)

And book store named "Tengyuu Sakai Shoten (天牛堺書店) is bordered by Rinku Town Station. But they may not handle English books.

link.gifMap(The centered cross icon represents the position of the shop)

Tokyo Narita Airport

Getting outfits for a journey near Narita

You don't have to go to Tokyo by way of getting outfits for your journey. In midmost Narita city, it's about 7km away from the airport, there is big shopping complex which have a large selection.

link.gifIon Narita Shopping Center(イオン成田ショッピングセンター)

link.gifMap(The centered cross icon represents the position of Ion)

In this shopping complex, a sporting goods store named "The Sports Authority (スポーツオーソリティー)" is there. They sell bikes and it's equipment and outdoor products. You can get almost all equipment which you need. Tubes, tyres, tools, gas cartridges, and so on.

On 2nd floor, there is a book shop named "Miraiya Shoten (未来屋書店)". You can buy maps and guide books, but all they must be in Japanese.

uploaded:19, 11, 2005