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personally I was born in Tokyo. However, I settled in Hokkaido because just I wanted to live in such a beautiful land.
There is no doubt that the Hokkaido is one of the best destination in Japan. Many of Japanese are heading to Hokkaido every year and visit there again and again.
And especially I know that you are a cyclist! There are no reason not to visit here.
Wide flat roads, free or very cheap good condition camping sites, wild hot springs, delicious sea foods....

I know some foreigners who do love Hokkaido. They always tell me "Please not to introduce this secret island!", but I do.

This land's geography is different from other land of Japan and has less influence of Typhoon and Rainy Season.
June to August is the best season for traveling.

There are many budget lodging for budget traveler and easy to find the place to pitch a tent (for free).


Transport : Getting there & around there

Ferry to Hokkaido

To the islands near Hokkaido

Where do you visit in Hokkaido?

Riding Guide

more about Lakes

more about Coast Lines

more about Mountain Passes

Some more attractions

About Bike Paths in Hokkaido Good way to bypass busy Sapporo city

Staff's Special

Makoto Tamura's family room 3(Hokkaido Page)
by TAMURA,Makoto

Rider's report

A summary of our ride in Hokkaido
by Mike Blackwell

Hospitality List

Hospitality List

A member is out of the city, but he can answer many about Hokkaido

Hospitality list > Hokkaido Area


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