A summary of our ride in Hokkaido

By Mike Blackwell ( )
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Here is a summary of our ride in Hokkaido. Everything went very well, although the weather was a bit cool and wet. on some days.

The Touring Mapple that you bought for me was very useful. Thanks for buying it for me and thanks for all the other advice from you and your friends.

We flew from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Hakodate.

We spent a day in Hakodate and then rode the following course:

Date(June) Destination distance(km) accommodation
7 Onuma-ko 95 camp
8 Oshamambe 105 camp
9 Toya-ko 85 camp
10 Chitose 105 hotel
11 Chitose Sapporo visit hotel
12 Shimukappu 95 camp

13 Asahikawa 120 hotel
14 Sounkyo 80 camp
15 Ashora 115 camp
16 Akankohan 80 minshuku
17 Betsukai 110 camp
18 Shirotoko Onsen 100 camp
19 Abashiri 106 minshuku
20 Mombetsu 110 hotel
21 Hamatonbetsu 135 minshuku
22 Wakkani 110 minshuku

Then we took the train back to Hakodate, and flew back to Sakhalin, then to Anchorage.

An excellent trip. We are thinking about Shikoku next year.

//Mike Blackwell

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uploaded:19, 11, 2005