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Chubu area is very big include deep mountains. So it is not easy to tell sweepingly. Actually How to divide Japan is not standard.
Hokuriku is Japan sea side of this area.
Tokai is Pacific ocean side.

Course Guide

Sado Island

Uchikaifu Sado is an island located beside the Niigata city. Very beautiful and easy access from Tokyo(only 2.5hours by bullet train, and only 1 hour by speedy craft.)

From Narita international airport towards the Sea of Japan

Noto Peninsula

It is not very convenience to visit this peninsula, but as you know, it means you can see more lost Japan in this peninsula. Highly recommended!

Tokai Area

Atsumi peninsula bike pass
This area is highly civilized. So don't take main route like National route #1. Otherwise you will hate Japanese road.
Atumi Peninsula has good bike pass. You can take a ferry from to of the peninsula called Irago to Toba, middle of Mie prefecture. It is good idea to pass Nagoya.

Izu Peninsula and Izu islands

Izu peninsula also recommended. If you hate riding in busy area, you can take a ferry to Izu Oshima island from Inatori port,Ito and Atami port, than after riding this island, you can take a boat to Tokyo again.
You can also take a boat from Shimoda(SE end of peninsula) to Niijima island or Kouzujima island located south of Izu oshima island. Those are very small island. Later you can take a boat to Izu oshima island.

If you want to ride to Tokyo, Try to find Yamanaka Lake NEE of Mt Fuji. Then take a Route #413, which is probably the best way to avoid busy road to Tokyo.

Mt. Fuji

A sunrise from Mt. Fuji at Motosuko Lake, Yamanashi
Although so many tourist like to climb Mt. Fuji. It is not very much interesting to climb it. Most of people says climbing this mountain once is enough. This mountain is not for climbing, but for looking. So beautiful!

Cross Chubu area from the North to the South

A suspention bridge crossing the river Tenryu by bike
Riding cross Chubu is also very exciting. Try to ride along Tenryu river! Here it is not easy, but you will never be disappointed. Personally I was also surprised at that Japan has such deep mountain area. Akiba Kaidou also must be great mountain area to ride. It is even harder and longer from Suwa city, Nagano to Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka.

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