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Global tour cyclists can fix almost all of their bike troubles by themselves. So, when do they need bike shop's help more than buying spares? It must be a time they would have messy and complicated troubles that affected bike shops would brush off. Cycling Shop Tsubasa is very dependable at that time. He's not a mechanic who only works the way manual says. He is a very dedicated mechanic and will try to fix your complicated trouble somehow. Many Tamagawa cycling road based cyclists love his character and hang out at the shop.

Also the shop keeper Ohno is enjoying bicycle tours as his customers. He sells all kinds of bikes, but has a passion for touring bikes. Tsubasa sells them of a wide range of prices and many touring bike spares. Bags, racks and etc.

We introduce reasonably priced bikes along with Ohno's recommendation. One is Panasonic B-OSC2.

You can choose the frame size from 460mm, 510mm and 560mm. Also the stem size from 70mm, 90mm and 110mm. These 9 combinations make the bike size well fitting you.

It's a classical touring bike, which has detachable front fork and shift levers on the frame. But only 26 inch wheel is against tradition. This wheel is the same as MTB wheel, which has a great choice of tires and is easy obtainable. Ohno said that bike is very tough and reliable. It cost 120,000 yen.

Panasonic B-OSC2

Royal Norton Standard Touring is more traditional bike which has 650A wheels. It costs 138,600 yen. Royal Norton Sportif (700C wheels) costs 162,750 yen. Of course you can choose the frame size.

Royal Norton

If you like the finest finish, consider Toei frames. Toei's artisan will make a very beautiful bike fitting your constitution. It costs from 80,000 yen to 100,000 yen (frame and fork only).

Fuji Touring is a reasonable choice. It costs 110,250 yen. It's the most inexpensive touring bike among Ohno's recommendation. There are more cheap touring bikes in markets, but he sees problems in such cheap bikes as regarding accuracy and reliability of the frame.

Fuji had been originally Japanese manufacturer, but became successful in the U.S. Today they concentrates their efforts in the American market. Fuji Touring Road is also American style bike which has 700C wheels and a rear rack, don't has detachable fork and a front rack.

Fuji Touring

Tsubasa don't have their web site, but Tsubasa's Cycling Club has it. There are some good English speakers in the club. Feel free to contact them.

Cycling Shop Tsubasa

Shop Master: Gen Ohno

1-48-14 Setagaya Setagaya-ku Tokyo

zip: 154-0017

phone: 03-3429-4177


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Tsubasa Touring Club

If you like contact the shop by e-mail, send mail to who is delegate of Tusbasa Touring Club. He'll carry your message to the shop.

Tsubasa Touring Club


uploaded:25, 12, 2006