Fukuoka - Tokyo : Attractive route with many attractions

Length of Japan part 1
Length of Japan part 1
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Total distance :198km
Best Season:Spring
Available Season:Through year
Steepness : slope.gif slope.gif (Sometimes)
Natural Beauty : beauty.gif beauty.gif beauty.gif (Plenty)
History : building.gif building.gif building.gif building.gif (much)
Traffic : building.gif building.gif (Shikoku: partly heavy)


into the huge urban area "Greater Osaka"

akashi astronomical obseratory Our "Length of Japan" route is now heading to Japan’s second largest urban area, Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto.

Off course you can pass this huge urban region by taking a ferry from Shikoku Island(Tokushima) to Wakayama, for example, but most visiting cyclists want to visit Kyoto and Nara. So we will show you how to survive the heavily populated area and get to Kyoto from Himeji. We recommend a bike path between Himeji and Akashi City.
From Himeji Castle, ride along R 2 about 2 km to the east and across the Ichikawa River. On the east bank you will find a bike path, length 35 km. First, this path is along R 2 and seaside industrial zone and after entering Akashi City, it becomes an enjoyable seaside path.
The path ends near the center of Akashi City. This city is the location of Japan Standard Time.
After going through Akashi City you ride into the Osaka Urban Area with a 50 km radius and a population of 16 million.

An optional route can be taken from Himeji. Ride 4 km along R 372 then take the Prefectual road 65. After passing Kakogawa River take the Prefecture road 20 along Miki Train to Miki City via Kakogawa City. From Miki city, ride to the east to Ibaraki City near the Osaka International Airport. Kyoto and Nara is just about 30 km from Ibaraki City. Along this route there are two hospitality list members. They will provide information for the best cycling routes.

Second Capital City Osaka

Tsuutenkaku at the center of Osaka The entrance of this Osaka Urban Area is from Kobe City. Kobe Port was once Japan’s gateway to the world and an important military port. Many products and cultures are imported and exported from Kobe, so the appearance of this city is exotic, blending Japanese with Western and Chinese styles, similar to Yokohama City near the Tokyo.

Kobe is known for its disastrous 1995 earthquake that had a high death toll (dead 6,434, missing 3, and injured 43,792). It is now hard to find any sign of the earthquake although a sharp eye will see new buildings that do not blend so well with this historical city. Just after the earthquake most urban transport stopped. But just one vehicle was mobile – the bicycle. Bicycles became an important initial lifeline for survivors.

All transportation is these days back to normal and the environment is once again not so good for travelling cyclists. Just be patient until you get away from this big city.
But the greater Osaka Area does also offer some good things for overseas cycling visitors. Our Hospitality List will show the many people who will welcome you. Please visit their homes and enjoy some Japanese hospitality - and forget the traffic jams for a while.

Do-It-Yourself "Osaka-Nara-Kyoto"

Wooden temple Between Osaka and Kyoto via Nara there are many routes and places to see and ride. We show you just one recommended route. Take a look the map above "Osaka-Kyoto". You don't necessarily have to follow this route exactly. The most interesting route around here would be a "Do-It-Yourself" scenic byway. Check the temples and shrines you want to visit by studying Lonely Planet or another guide book and create your own route. You may get lost but don’t worry. It will add spice to your "Length of Japan" ride. Kyoto is a pleasant interlude. Our "Length of Japan" will start again from Kyoto and head towards Tokyo via the Japan Alps.

Don't miss it!



|Himeji-Akashi Cycling Road(Bike path)(35km) etc.
Route #2
Route #2
Route #308,Route #168 etc.
Prefectural Road #9 etc
Route #24 etc.

Climate data for Himeji


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