Course Guide

Towada Hachiman-tai National Park

Kasamatsu Pass (Aomori Pref.)

Mt. Hakkouda This pass is located on the middle of Mt.Hakkoda (R103). Gentle slope (grade is 5-10%). If you are having some exercise on daily life, it may not be so hard. The road to the pass is very long (from both direction), but it means you can enjoy long down hill. It's cool!!
The road condition is fine enough for road bikes.
The view on the way to the pass is so-so, but near the pass that gets better.

Suiren Pond

down the R103 about 500m to Towada Lake, there is a entrance,then you can find it soon.

That Pond will serve you a great view of the summit of Mt.Hakkoda. No English sign-board about the Pond , don't miss it.


If you are interested in old Japanese style hot spa (Just one lodge in a forest and sex mixed bathing, Kon-yoku. I recommend Sukayu hot spa of milk-white spring.)

NOTE:The long down hill is waiting for you. Keep yourself warm.

Oirase Stream(Aomori Pref.)

Oirese Stream, one of the most beautiful mountain stream in Japan, is located between Yaki-yama(the breast of Mt.Hakkoda) to Towada Lake,15 km.
This road is very busy by cars and tourist buses through the year, because of a famous touring spot at Tohoku area, so it depends which you like this course or not.

Some touring guide say it is dangerous to ride the bicycle during the best season (the end of April to the first week of May and middle of August.) So cyclists should go through the road early in the morning.

Towada Lake(Aomori and Akita Pref)

The most large caldera lake in Honshu island.
The west side of the lake road is quiet and peaceful, east one is main street and busy. Most of accommodations are located in east side.
I think the climax of this lake road is at Mt.Ohanabe scenic point of north side. If you intend to ride around the lake, go anti clockwise .The slope is much steeply but along the uphill the view of Towada Lake will cheer you up.
And more than that, best for down hill.

Hachiman-tai(Akita and Iwate Pref.)

Aspite Line, a touring road through Mikaeri pass of Hachoman-tai from R341 (Akita Pref) to a skirt of Mt.Iwate (volcano, Iwate Pref.), is a good condition road. Both ways to the pass are not so steeply slopes. The degree of steepness is same as the way to Kasamatsu Pass. All the way the forest and ponds are seen in your sight,and the views of east side (Iwate Pref) are excellent. The great view of Mt.Iwate can be seen just from this side. So that I can say it is the best to climb from west to east. Hot springs are much located at west side than east ,like Tosichi Hot spa with mountain view from a bath, Goshogake is Hot mud!! spa near Ohnuma Pond, Fukeno Hot spa that is quiet and peaceful at the middle way of Aspite line of Akita side.



As you know food and meals of tourist areas are generally expensive. If you want to save your money ,buy food at certain cities. For example a couple of coffee cost 300 Yen.


it is a traditional fast food of this area, roast or boil a paste of rice, are famous. You can take it at restaurants but expensive so buy it in front of a souvenir shop. It is convenient, cheap and tasty. (about 200yen)


Hot springs are available at Ryokan (Japanese inn). Fees are about 400Yen. Your treasure things must be put in a locker or deposit in a front. Off course lock your bike too !!

uploaded:18, 02, 2006