Cook the Rice

Buy Japanese Rice

Japan is proud of Japanese Rice. So when you are traveling around Japan for long days, why don't you cook Japanese rice for your own!
Rice cost about 1000~2000 Yen for 2kg

Which brand of rice

We, Japanese are particular to the taste of rice. Although Koshihikari(コシヒカリ,越光) is the most famous in all over the world, other brands are also very tasty

Which type of rice

Check whether it is Musenmai(無洗米) or not. Musenmai is pre-treated rice so that you don't have to wash before you cook.(How lazy we are!)
I personally feel ordinary type is more tasty, but for you, Musenmai is more convenient and less smell.

Cook Japanese Rice

Cooking rice. togijiru:keeping clouded water for washing. Rice added some wheat and buckwheat

Wash rice

Wash rice several times unless your rise is Musenmai. If you are not sure weather your rice is musenmai or not, check the water while you wash. When the supernatant is quite clear with the first poured water, it means that your rice is musenmai. Even when it becomes crude, please do not throw it away, since this crude water is good for cleaning your plates after your meal.

Add some water

Measure the rice by volume. When you cook 1 cup of rice, add 1.2 cups of water.

Wait a moment

It is recommended to wait at least 30 minute to soak the rice in the water before start to cook, unless you can not wait so long because of too hungry.

Cook slowly

Cover your pot tightly, and then cook with low heat. Never boil over too much(a little boil over is acceptable but if too much, you loose too much water).

Timing of stop cooking

When you hear the song of sticky rice, it is almost the time to stop the heat. Wait for another few a minute, and turn off the fire.

Wait again for a while

Don't rush! Before you open the lid, it is better to wait for 15 minute after you turn off the heat. We call this Murashi(蒸らし), means steaming.

ITADAKIMASU!(いただきます!)(Saying a grace in Japanese)

Small tips

We like to cook some wheat, buckwheat and/or other cereals together with rice. That makes taste better with more nutritious.

Eating is the life...

uploaded:08, 11, 2005