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What is something special cycling in Japan when you are cycling

  • Various destinations
  • Local history
  • Numerous hot-springs
  • Taking a break at drinkable fresh springs
  • Hospitable people

Please discover the beautiful nature in Japanese. Riding bicycle in rural area is very comfortable, although it is a little bit tough in urban area because of heavy traffic. Nice scenery in rural area makes your cycling tour impressed and unforgettable one. After your joyful tour, I am sure that you will start to plan your next trip in Japan on your way back to your own country.

What are the differences between Japan and other Asian countries?

Before your first step on Japan, you may have difficulties distinguishing the Japanese cultures from other Asian cultures as well as myself consider all European countries one big area. Once you start pedaling, you will discover the Japanese unique cultures developed through its long peculiar history.

Japan is composed of many islands and isolated from continents. This geographical situation made Japanese unique culture from others. Japanese distinctive tradition have been developed thorough the history for more than 1500 years. In Edo era, the government limited the Europeans' visit to Japan for 300 years, although many countries in South-East Asia were colonized. As a result of this national isolation policy, Japanese own culture becomes matured.

Please come and find Japan as it is!

upload:08, 11, 2005