Back country of Japan

Tohoku is the back country of Japan.You can feel something like the roots of the Japan. Mountains are deeper, less populated. But it is not true wild like Hokkaido. So it is closer to you.
On the other hand, you feel some ancient histories in Tohoku.

Scenery of Tohoku is tasteful. You can feel long simple lives here.


Winter should be avoid, especially side of Japan Sea. Otherwise you may be hit heavy dump snow.

Course Guide


Tohoku area map Tohoku is not too much populated. So relatively it is easier to ride. However, of course, it is recommended to avoid big cities, like other places in Japan. Try to take smaller road. National route is usually busy so not so fan.
If you want to take main route, try to find the old road.
Today, Japanese national route is often 2nd(or 3rd) generation. Along the 1st generation road which is likely build Edo era(1600-1867 a.d.), you can find much more quiet, calm places and more historical buildings, in stead of monotonous multiple stores.
1 st and 2nd generation roads are entangled each other, so it is a little trouble to check where is the old road. But don't worry, just try to find it along the way. Then in a short time, you will be used to find old road by yourself.
If you want to ask locals, ask as "Kyu-u-dou wa, doko-desuka?" (Where is the old route)

Osorezan Mt., Northern Aomori

Here is one of the most famous Spiritual place in Japan. ITAKO is female spiritualistic medium who can become your old friends or family passed away.

Shirakami Mountains

It is a beautiful massive primeval beech forest registered by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage. You can cross this area by your bike. Road is not paved, MTB is recommended. Distance is only 40km, but it is very steep, you have to pass 3 mountains! So bring enough food for emergency.

Towada Hachiman-tai National Park

Hakkouda Mt.

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Hirosaki Castle, Aomori

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