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Kinki area has very populated cities like Osaka, Kyoto. But also very rich place to see historical temples. Specially Kyoto and Nara.
I really wish you will visit Nara and Ikaruga where is near east of Nara. There are so many beautiful temples.
Personally I prefer Yakushiji Temple. Famous as 2 pagodas. East pagoda is almost 1200 years old! It is made of the wood, you know. But still well maintained and survived over a millennium!
West Pagoda is relatively very very new build by NISHIOKA,Tsuneichi , a famous master carpenter.
Unfortunately when he rebuild West pagoda, there are no good Hinoki(Japanese cypress) , so we thanks to Taiwanese Cypress in Alishan.

Toushoudaiji Temple also very famous and remain good atmosphere. It is established by GANJIN, who is chinese monk crossed the ocean after hard travel.

Riding Guide

Between Osaka and Kyoto is too crowded for cycling. Just avoid this area. Head to Mountain area, then you can find many free camping places with wild deers, wild pigs, and monkeys.

Yamanobeno michi road

Miwa jinja shrine,Nara
There is a small track along the east edge of Nara Basin. This is very very old road(more than 1500years), so you can find many old ancient tombs and shrines.
Miwajinja Shrine is known as the oldest shrine in Japan.

Please be careful to ride along Yamanobeno michi road. It is narrow and not only for cyclists. Local people and hikers may not expect that your bike is coming so fast.
Road is paved, but sometimes very steep.

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Hospitality List

Hospitality List

We have many members who can invite you in Kinki area.

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We have a meeting every 2 month in Osaka. Please contact us.

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