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Hospitality List

Welcome to Japan!

We love cycling as well as you love cycling.
We welcome you as well as you invited us in your country. This is the way of us.
Friendship makes the world as one. This is our wish.

Enjoy and feel Japan with local riders!

Hospitality List on google map New!

How to use this list.

We have 3 categories for helping you.

homestayHome Stay

You can stay their home. It is the easiest way to know REAL Japanese life. Eating local food, taking Japanese bath. Then talking about cycling the world!
Feel free to knock us.

guide1 day Guide

We know you could travel Japan without any help, but let us take you on a tour on the basis of locals. We'll bring you around the places that Non-Japanese traveler hardly find out. It gives us a lot of pleasure to have a relationship with you, ride with you. Also it's exciting to hear what foreign travelers say about things of Japan.


Some members are very busy to invite you or guide, however they have broad experience of cycling in Japan(also aboard). They can tell you many worthful advices to you. Please don't hesitate to ask us! Let's enjoy together.

About maps

When you click each members icon, it shows their home town. However many of them told us only their prefecture and city since JCN doesn't intend to comprehend their entire addresses. And so, we decide to assign city or prefecture government as their position.

Remarks about this list

We are keeping this list for our good international relationship. Therefore, Home Stay , Information and 1 day guide are free of charge.
We just expect you are enterprising to have good friendship with us.

Please send us your reports!

We are waiting your cycling report in your mother language after your trip. Which helps next cyclists from your country.
Send your report by email, if possible, with some pictures.


We don't expect you to give us some gifts. This is just a voluntary activity. We prefer your letters, reports or pictures rather than things that can be bought for money.


Please visit FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) page.

uploaded:22, 12, 2009