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From/to Korea

Busan(釜山), South Korea

to/from Hakata(博多), Hukuoka(福岡)

  • frequent services.
  • A night ferry for 13~14.7 Hours
  • 9000 Yen~
  • Additional 1800 Yen for a bicycle

link.gifCamellia Line[J]> Time table[J], Price Rate[J]
link.gifCamellia Line[K] [E] [J]

Speed boat
  • Very convenient
  • frequent services.(around 6 times a day)
  • only 3 hours
  • 13000 Yen~

link.gifJR Kyushu[E] [J] [K]
link.gifKorean National Railroad, JBB[K]
link.gifMIREJET[J] [K]

to/from Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi(下関,山口県)

  • daily service
  • from 8500 Yen

link.gifKampu Ferry[J]> Time table[J]
link.gifPukan Ferry[K]

to/from Kokura, Yamaguchi(小倉,山口県)

  • Five times a week from/to Busan, Korea
  • Two times a week on Wednesday and Thursday from/to from/to Ulsan, Korea
  • 3.5 hours
  • from 12000 Yen

link.gifKanmon Kisen[J]> Time table[J]
link.gifMusung Shipping Corp[K]
link.gifHanil Mega-Speed Line[K]
link.gifMusung Shipping Corp[K,J]> Time table[J]

to/from Hitakatsu & Izuhara,Tsushima(博多&厳原,対馬) island, Nagasaki(長崎県)

Speed Boat
  • Highly Recommended !
  • Try this shortest cruise between Korea and Japan, then visit wonderful island Tsushima!
    Five times a week service(to/from Izuhara on Monday and Friday . to/from Hitakatsu on Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday)
  • from 6500 Yen

link.gifDae-A Express Shipping[K,J]> Time table[J]
Tsushima Kokusai Line(Tel:+81-09208-6-2008)

to/from Hiroshima(広島), Hiroshima

  • three times a week
  • 15.5~17.5 hours

link.gifPukan Ferry[J]> Time table[J]
link.gifPukan Ferry[K]

to/from Osaka, Osaka

  • from 13000 Yen

link.gifPan Star Ferry[J,K]


Between Wonsan, North Korea and Niigata(新潟), Japan

There is an irregular service. Due to the lack of diplomatic relations currently between North Korea and Japan, it is impossible to take this route.



Ishigaki, Miyako island, Naha, Okinawa / Osaka(石垣島,宮古島,那覇,沖縄/大坂)

  • This route doesn't stop at Ishigaki and Miyako island on the way from Taiwan!
  • Once a week service.

link.gifArimura Sangyo> Time table[J]/ Price rate[J]


Ishigaki, Miyako island, Naha, Okinawa/ Nagoya

  • This route doesn't stop at Ishigaki and Miyako island on the way from Taiwan!
  • Once a week service.

link.gifArimura Sangyo> Time table[J]/ Price rate[J]



to/from Kobe, Hyogo(神戸,兵庫県)

  • weekly services
  • from 20000 Yen

link.gifChina Express Line[J]> Time table[E]/ Price rate[E]


to/from Shimonoseki,Yamaguchi(下関,山口県)

  • twice a week services.
  • 35/28.5 hours
  • About19,000Yen(1,200RMB)

link.gifQingdao Online[J]> Time table, etc.[J]
link.gifOrient ferry[J]>
         Time table[J]/ Time table[J], Price rate[J]/ Price rate[J]


to/from Osaka, Kobe,

  • Twice a week services.
  • from 20000 Yen

link.gifShanghai Ferry[J] [E] [C]> Time table[J], Price rate[J]
link.gifCHINJIF[J]> Time table, etc.[J]


Korsakov, Sakhalin island

to/from Wakkanai, Hokkaido(稚内,北海道)

  • Twice a week services(from May to December).
  • from 30000 Yen
  • Additional 3000 Yen for a bicycle

link.gifFESCO[E,R]> Services[E]/ Service map

Kholmsk, Sakhalin island

to/from , Otaru(小樽)

  • Irregular schedules

link.gifFalcon Japan[J]> Time table[J]

Vladiostok, Vostochny

to/from , Toyama(富山)

  • Irregular schedules with variety lines around Far East, etc.

link.gifFESCO[E,R]> Services[E]/ Service map


BetweenVanino or Kholmsk,Russia and Otaru(小樽), hokkaido

  • CARGO ONLY. Passengers are not allowed.

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