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Can I get in a train with my bike as it is?

Sorry not. You have to pack your bike.
Visit biking > Rinko page

You can get in ferries with some extra fee.(maybe around 20% more)

Where can I find information about camping and camping places in Japan?

Where can I rent a bike?

It is hard to find a good bike rental shop in Japan.
At some resort areas, you can find a rental bike of low quality.

Visit Shimanami Kaido

Between Hiroshima and Ehime, Shikoku, there are heart singing bike pass. You can lent a better quality bike at this place only 500 Yen per day.
Additionally you returntur your bike at other many places(even at hotels)!(If you return at other place, you have to pay 1000yen more)

Shimanami Kaido is truly one of the best highlight for cyclist in Japan!
Area Guide > Shikoku

How about a TANDEM

It is prohibited except Nagano & Hokkaido but...
Wim van der Linden wrote their story of the magnificent Tandem trip they made in 1999 to the island of Shikoku and also Kii.
link.gif"Cycling Trip Shikoku and Kii, Japan 1999".
Please ride your own responsibility.

Recommend a map for bike touring.

Touring Mapple and Road Atlas Japan
visit General information#map

I am wandering if a folding bike works in Japan.

Don't worry. There are many people traveling by folding bike.

For more information,please contact him.
He travel Japan and other countries by his folding bike.

I want to get a information about bicycle industry or company.

Sorry. Japan Cycling Navigator can just serve information of cycle touring in Japan .
Access link.gifBICYCLING POPULARIZATION ASSOCIATION OF JAPAN[E]'s site and contact by e-mail.

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