Fukuoka - Tokyo : Attractive route with many attractions

Length of Japan part 1
Length of Japan part 1
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Total distance :63km
Best Season:Spring
Available Season:Through year
Steepness : slope.gif slope.gif (Sometimes)
Natural Beauty : beauty.gif beauty.gif beauty.gif (Plenty)
History : building.gif building.gif building.gif building.gif (much)
Traffic : building.gif building.gif (Shikoku: partly heavy)


Dramatic island Shoudoshima

himejicastle.jpg There are many ferries sailing between Shikoku and Honshu, offering the most inexpensive way to cross. A ferry from Takamatsu to Uno Port costs 730 yen including your bike.
If you take this ferry, you will see Seto Oh-hashi bridge, a collective name given to six bridges, from the sea. This is the first bridge which connects Honshu and Shikoku, opened in 1988. The total length, 13.1 km, making it the longest in the world of its kind; it is used by trains and motor vehicles.
From Uno Port in Okayama Prefecture, take prefectual road 45 to the north until you will reach Okayama City, one of the largest cities in the Chugoku area.

But "Length of Japan" recommends going to the Himeji World Heritage Castle via "Shodo-shima Island" in order to bypass the R 2 between Okayama and Himeji, 85 km. Take a ferry from Takamatsu to Tonosho in Shodoshima. It costs 850 Yen include bike. After staying at this island, our scenic route heads to the Kansai area which has Japan’s second-largest city, Osaka, and then to the mountains of the Japan Alps. So you will be leaving the peaceful seaside environment.

Shodo-shima is famous for its olives, a canyon, and the preservation of a typical Japanese school of the early 20th century. You will see olive trees all over the hill from Tonosho Port. This island's climate is similar to the Mediterranean.

This island offers some interesting activities.
One is a hiking trail to Kanka-kei canyon. This canyon was formed by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. These days there are more than 2000 kinds of plants that you can see on the trail.
Ride up "Shodo Shima Skyline" from the port to Kanka-kei (prefectual road 26, 27 and 29 ). Autumn, when the leaves are red, is a wonderful time to visit.

After the downhill from Kanaka-kei to Uchinomi town, how about visiting the early 20th century elementary school? This school was used as a set in a famous Japanese movie, Twenty-four Eyes(Niju-yon no Hitomi,二十四の瞳)- 12 students. Entrance fee is 750 yen. The school is located at the top of a cape and preserved just as was with small classroom chairs and tables made from wood. The school ground is facing the sea. You can even use items in the old-time playground. They were enjoyed by the pupils long before you arrived.

Sometimes residents can be seen going to the beach and digging for shellfish. If you are feeling lucky, you can try to dig some oysters. Residents might even lend you a digging tool.
How about some spaghetti with olive oil and oysters for your evening camping meal?

Boat to Himeji

Himeji Castle From Shodoshima, a ferry can be taken to Osaka or Kobe. If you want a shortcut all the way to Osaka, the ferry is convenient.
But we recommend you visit the World Heritage Himeji Castle. A ferry to Himeji departures from Fukuda Port located at the northeast of the island. It costs 1,670 yen including your bike.

Ride north along prefectual road 62 from the Himeji port and one of the most beautiful castles of the world will come into view. Because of castle in white, it is called The Castle of Egret (a white bird). This castle is made from wood so it requires fire protection. For this purpose white Japanese plaster has been coated on the walls and around the castle. The plaster is also effective reinforcing.
This castle's tower was constructed to enable a good sentry view for invaders. At 92 m above sea level the view is excellent. A maze near the base of the castle was laid out to throw an invading group or army into confusion. Imagine yourself as a Ninja, and creep into the World Heritage castle.


|Ferry Boat 8 services/day
(1hour 10minite)
| Prefectural road #26,#27,#29, etc (34km)[max 730m]
through Kanka-kei(寒霞渓)
Prefectural road #28,#248, Route #436(22km)
Ferry Boat, 8 services available / day
(1hour 40minite)
Himeji ferry terminal(姫路港)[3m]
Prefectural Road #62(7km)

Climate data for Himeji


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