Is this the most expensive country?

Is Japan is one of the most expensive countries to travel around as many foreigners thinks? Basically I don't think so, unless you prefer luxury place to stay. If you do not mind camping or take some effort to look for budget accommodations, ti is possible to spend not more than 20 Euro per night. So, please do not give up traveling Japan, since it is such a wonderful country.

Something free in Japan

  • Camping sites: Many Camping sites are free especially in Hokkaido
  • Free camping: Free camping is possible except in the cities. Information > Camping
  • Hot-Springs: Many hot-springs are free in rural area
  • Water: Tap water is drinkable.
  • Factory tour: Many private breweries and distilleries operate free factory tours and most of them include free tasting!.
  • Scenery and hospitality: Beautiful scenery and warm Hospitality are free for everybody!

Budget things you can find in Japan(1Euro is about 130 Yen)

Special information

Visit Outline site for more details

Visit Outline site for more details

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Helpful tips based on their three-month trip to Japan on a really tight budget.

Japan Cheap Travel - A complete guide to budget travel in Japan

uploaded:04, 06, 2016