air ports in Hokkaido

Getting there : International

Air Plain:International(Sep.2003)

Hokkaido CityCountry weekly
Chitose SeoulSouth Korea 5 flights
Chitose Shen‐yangChina 1 flight
Chitose Shang-haiChina 2 flights
Chitose Hong-KongChina 2 flights
Chitose Yuzhno SakhalinskRussia 1 flight
Hakodate Yuzhno SakhalinskRussia 2 flights
Chitose GuamUSA 2 flights
Chitose HonoluluUSA 6 flights
Chitose AmsterdamHoland postponed
Chitose TaipeiTaiwan 3 flights
Chitose CairnsAustraria postponed


please visit here You can came to Hokkaido from Russia!
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Getting there : Domestic


air ports in Hokkaido If you will visit Hokkaido, probably you will take a ferry to get there. Yes, it is a very good way to enjoy relaxed time with your new Japanese friends!


There is a world longest Undersea Tunnel(Seikan tunnel:53.85km!)
JR Hokkaido[J]>About Seikan tunnel[J]

There are many trains a day. You can also take overnight train from Tokyo or Osaka.

Transport:Around there


Ferries in Hokkaido


There are many long distance daytime/overnight buses available.


There are many long distance buses available.

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