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Part1: Fukuoka - Tokyo: Attractive route with many attractions

Length of Japan part 1
Length of Japan part 1
fukuoka fukuoka iwakuni fukuoka onomichi iwakuni takamatsu himeji himeji kyoto himeji gifu gifu kyoto takayama takamatsu gifu takayama nagano nagano nikko nikko onomichi onomichi takamatsu

About this course

Japan Cycling Navigator (JCN) has produced a new cource guide:"Length of Japan part1". This course has been carefully selected with foreigners in mind especially those who are first time visitors to Japan. We chose the course not only for the enjoyable bike riding but also for its convenience for interesting attractions.

This page was renamed as "Length of Japan" in April, 2006. We are building this cycling route as a part of "Japan Cycling Route Network".

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