Kanto is most civilized and populated area in Japan. So, if you like riding in the nature, you have to leave from the Tokyo as far as possible.
But you don't have to leave northern end, even in the Tokyo prefecture, mountain area is still very beautiful and not so busy. So head to Mountain area!

Another way to enjoy this area is to find your new Japanese friends. Our hospitality list include many Kanto Area staff.
JACC(Japan Adventure Cycling Club) has monthly meeting on 3rd monday in Tokyo. You are always welcome to join us.

Slow riding in Tokyo also an alternative. This city is huge, but still remain some good atmosphere. Don't forget, here is a capital of Japan for 400 years!

Let's ride in Tokyo!

I had lived in suburban cities for a long time, such as Saitama and Tama district (the west part of Tokyo). I moved to the midmost of Tokyo several years ago, and I' noticed how comfortable to ride a bike in Tokyo. Roads are wide enough and car drivers are basically gentle. Plus, bikes can arrive at the destination more early than cars and trains. Once you familiar with biking in Tokyo, you'll feel empty to take complicated and expensive subways. What you don't ride a bike in Tokyo is that you lose something in your life!

Don't miss the website Cycle Tokyo. There are a lot of useful informations as for biking in Tokyo and some volunteer guided tours. Their informations are accurate even for us native bikers.

If you like a packaged bike tour, see the website Tokyo Great Cycling Tours. We JCN staffs once joined their tours and felt satisfaction with their well considered route so that you can ride in safety, meet a lot of seeing spots and secret byways. Their bikes for rent are decent for no extra charge. One of their guides Yukiko joined JCN as a translator and homestay.

Please visit Hospitality list > Kanto Area

uploaded:07, 12, 2006