bike paths in Hokkaido

Shiroishi Cycling Road, Hokkaido

bike paths in Hokkaido

There are some good bike paths in Hokkaido. But here, I'll introduce you the most useful one to pass the crowded sapporo city.

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Shiroishi Cycling Road

bike paths near Sapporo, Hokkaido

This road is build the site of a railway, it crosses many roads with over/underpasses. So it is like a highway for cyclists!

North Western End(Sapporo)

South East entrance
(near Kitahiroshima)

Another SE good entrance point
in Kaminopporo

Shikotsuko Cycling Road

Along Route #453, there are also long Bike path. Unfortunately, road surface is not so good condition, but still useful at upslope.
This route is highly recommended. But not very easy, there are many small mountain passes.

Rishiri Cycling Road

There are high speeded bike path in this island, well recommended.

uploaded:18, 02, 2006