Accommodation types in Japan

TYPE cost(yen)
without meal
Business hotel 5.000-8.000 Located near a station of the cities.
Normally western style.
Welcome non reserved guest.
Japanese inn 4.500-6.000 Fully Japanese style.
They serve in English.
Located in sightseeing area.
Minshuku 4.000-7.000 Family-run lodging.
Located almost every village.
Need a reservation.
Hard to make a reservation in English.
Ryokan 10.000--
(w / 2meals)
High class of Japanese style lodging include delicious meals.
This is a Japanese style of rich travel.
Youth hostel 2.5000-4.000 Cheapest Accommodation.
Located in many sightseeing areas and the cities.
Busy seasons there is few vacancy ,confirm in advance.

General Information About Lodgings in Rural Japan

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uploaded:04, 06, 2016