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My Gallery

Alan Sturk took a few hundred photos of cycling experiences in Japan. Skikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa and parts of Honshu..New!

LoJ Tokyo-Fukuoka 

Joseph James Ansell rode length of Japan in Tokyo-Fukuoka.New!

Hokkaido Cycling Tour 2009

Sumi & Sean Jones traveled the length of Japan in Hokkaido.

Moni and Robi's Japan report

Robi and Moni from Switzerland came up Japan on July 2008 .They are traveling around all over the world with the bicycle. They visited Hokkaido, Northern Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu.

1000 Miles Challenge

Dirk's a riders report from Tokio - Sea of Japan and back.


What is up side of bike tour in Japan? Also what is down side? Author Hauke drew them warts and all. It's important to know both sides. Read it before you come to Japan.


Pedalling Japan - end to end

Kiwi Roy traveled the length of Japan with his wife. He pictured Japan faithfully by both writing and beautiful photos. Even Japanese people can find out aspects of the country which they didn't aware.

Two weeks in Japan - A Journal of Cycling

Serious cyclist James rode in Tsukuba city.


Mai dire : Banzai!!! [I]

The log of Italian cyclist Ico who dwell in Kansai. (Only in Italian)

Mai dire : Banzai!!!

Steve Gregson in Japan

Hokkaido Tour 2002
First Japanese tour in 1997 from Kouchi to Tokyo

單車輕騎北海道:Easy ride in Hokkaido[C(t)]

jerry in Hokkaido Jerry and his friend visited Hokkaido Sep. 2003.
This is his report.(Only in Chinese) visit HERE

Aspects of bicycle touring in Japan

bill Uique and special introductuions By Bill Macher

What is touring in Japan like?

Rodger Grigsby answers this question.
    It's a positive and nice introduction to touring in Japan.
  • here!

A summary of our ride in Hokkaido

Brock folk on the road

    By Kacia and Clark Brockman's
  • here!

Mr.Wolfgang's letter

We received a letter from him.Here.

Raining Sushi and Donuts

Sitting on the flight to Osaka, it suddenly dawned on me that I might have made a terrible mistake. My physical training for the proposed 1800 mile cycle ride across Japan amounted to a 16 mile ride I completed the week before, whilst my trip planning hadn’t got any further than the ‘draw-an-arbitrary-line-across-a-map-of-Japan-printed-off-the-internet’ phase. With a meagre budget of just £10 per day, I battled through ferocious typhoons, slept under bridges, took directions from gentlemanly gangsters and ate no less than 32 donuts along the way. This is the diary of my extraordinary trip into the unknown. 72,000 words with 40 photographs

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