Kyushu also very good place for riding bike. Maybe you can feel more open and relaxed atmospheree in this area.
Kyushu has the oldest written history in Japan. Old Chinese documents explain a lot about Kyushu and ancient nation about Japan, called Nayataikoku.
There are no actual evidence about Yanataikoku, now. Therefore, many scholars study a lot about it.
Yoshinogari site, Saga is once called as the site of Yamataikoku. However, recently most of scholar believe Yamataikoku located in Kinki body knows.
In kyushu, there are many mythic places, like Takachiho Mt. There is a mountain called Karakunidake, which means Korea-Mountain.

Mangrove forest in Amami Oshima island, Kagoshima
Islands near Kyusyu island also very much recommended. Yakushima is registered World Heritage by UNESCO. Pure primary forest. What an amazing forest it is!!
Trekking to the Miyanomoridake Mt., in Yakushima also highly recommended, however remember, it is also famous as heavy rain fall throughout the year.(At one place in Yakushima, it was recorded 11meters a year!!)

Riding Guide

Northern area between Fukuoka and Kitakyushu, the way to Honshu is busy area, so not very good for cycling. Generally Southern area is quiet, and more slow.

Mt. Aso

Good view on this highland. Yamanami Highway is recommended.(This way is not a motorway, just a prefecture road #11.) It is about 50km from Yuhuin, Oita prefecture to Mt. Aso, Kumamoto prefecture.
If you are riding under the heat, try "Kan-no Jigoku" cold spring, then you may freeze after a minute.

Tsushima island

Tsushima Island, Kagasaki
I guess not many forieners(except Korean) visit this beautiful island at all. However, I recommend it as much as Yakushima island.
It is located between Kyushu island and Korean Peninsula. Therefore, it has long history which relay everything between these two countries.
This is very hilly island.So, you need to be patient to ride.
You can take a boat from/to Busan,Korea.
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Hospitality List

Hospitality List

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