One wild ONSEN(Hot spring),HokkaidoOnsen(hot spring) is the something Japanese most love. In Hokkaido, there are numerous Onsens. It is wonderful taking a open air bath after the riding. Don't be lazy to visit Onsen, otherwise you'll miss great joy.
Of course, you can find Onsens everywhere in Japan, not only Hokkaido. So If you come to Hokkaido, I recommend to visit Wild onsens mostly found in Hokkaido. There are many wild free hot Onsens(Hot springs).

Hot Springs


Kamuiwakka Shiretoko,Hokkaido
Very famous Onsen river and falls. Going upstream ONSEN is surely the most attractive place to visit in Hokkaido. Don't miss it.
Spare socks is useful to go upstream.
Watch your watch and come here earlier. Otherwise you will be chased by wild bear(?!)

Driving track

Driving track,Hokkaido You can drive a small track by yourself. Here is a railway it was actually used as National railway till 1985.
Destance is 10km one way. You will turn the car by yourself, then back to the station.

Place : Niubu, Bihuka town, Hokkaido Open period : end of April to end of Oct.
Open time : am 9:00 to pm 4:00
Fee : 1000 Yen/person.

Torokko Oukoku[J]

Placer Gold

Placer Gold, HokkaidoNorthern Hokkaido was once famous as Gold Rush. Now there are no professional placers, but you can enjoy it.
There are some places where you can try placer gold. Here, I'll introduce you HAMATONBETSU town where I visited.

Now you can rent a simple equipments to try Placer Gold, long rubber boots, dressing tab etc for 500Yen a day.

Head to Usotan-nai sakin-kaikutsu-kouen(about 10km south of Hamatonbetsu center). Here, you can correct golds in the natural river. Specially in autumn, you can dig a river bed with plenty trouts.

There is a camping site beside. It is not bad idea to stay 2 nights and dream a gold rush.

uploaded:18, 02, 2006