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Where to visit?

Hokkaido is enough big unable to visit at once!

Doh-oh--Center of Hokkaid

The center of Doh-oh there is Mt.Daisetsu.
West of it, there are Biei and Furano village, Lovely flower fields.
East north there is a beautiful canyon and fall (So-un-kyo).
Mt Daisetsu is volcano, so many hot spas are available.

Doh-toh--east of Hokkaido

Here is the most famous touring point at Hokkaido. Beautiful lakes and scenic roads.

Cycling around Kusharo-lake, Mashu-lake, Akan lake is the basic course. On-netoh lake, the west of Akan lake, It's a silent lake with a wild forest. Camping grounds are there.

Bihoro Pass and Tsubetu Pass have great views of Kusharo-lake. Shiretoko Pass is one of the most famous pass in Japan for its view and down hill to the sea. One of our club mate, Inoue-san who did bicycle around the world, said "there are two excellent courses that I recommend in Japan. One is "Shiretoko Pass" and the other is "Yamanami high way" at Kyushu. area. They are proud of Japan"
Bihoro pass is often covered by fog.
When it's foggy, it's just a cold and steep slope.
Kamuiwakka-fall ,a fall makes a hot spring and many travelers enjoy natural open-air Spa.

Doh-hoku--North of Hokkaido

I recommend two spots.
When you go up to north ,choose east side way.
The town Hama-ton-betsu was paradise for cyclists. Enough shops for food, beer, restraint, a comfortable YH and a camping ground are available. I recommend to stay there.
Rebun island, the most northern island in Japan. Peaceful and very quiet. There is the one of the my favorite areas in Japan. Many cheap and friendly minshuku are available. One camp ground and two YH.
"Momo-iwa YH" is famous for stunning and strange Youth Hostler so choose carefully if you want to stay quiet and normal day end.

Just some of the recommendations

East Hokkaido

Ochiishi point, wild deers

This area is the most popular field for cyclists .
There are beautiful lakes and fine hot springs.
Many sightseeing Places.

Shiretoko National Park

East end of East Hokkaido

This national park is quiet and surrounded by full of nature.

There are some trekking and sea Kayak courses. Kamuiwakka Fall(Photo Left) is very unique because fall itself is hot spring. I recommend to stay at this park at least one or two night.

Camping is not allowed but there is a nice Youth Hostel.
Hokkaido Houth Hostel[E][C(t)][K]> Shiretoko Iwaobetsu YH[E][C(t)][K]

Around Mt Daisetsu

Mt daisetsu means (Great Snow Mountain).
We love Mountain flowers in Summer and red leaves in Fall.
R39 , north side of Mt Daisetsu is a scenic route.
Furano, south of Daisetsu, is famous for its full of flower fields.

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