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Ukyo-Word Kyoto City / -Kyoto- / -Kinki-
 Hi, I have lived in Kyoto more than 20years and want to share imformation about Kyoto with tourisrs from all over the world.
I m doing exersises regulaly like yoga,cycling and dancing to stay healthy. Let s explore Kyoto by cycling together.  
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Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka city / -Osaka- / -Kinki-
 Hello everyone. Thank you for your interest in visitig our country, Japan! I trully want to share a joy with all of you loving the journey with a bicycle!  
-Home Stay-
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Umeda CIty / -Osaka- / -Kinki-
 2km north from Umeda,Osaka(500m south from JR Shin-0saka station)
I welcome you to stay at our small room (for up to 2 person),like a cheap guest house.

If you can stay
Please contact me 1 weeks before.

my grandmother lived in Kyoto.
Her house is Katsura town,4km south of center of Kyoto.
Not only my osaka apartment,you can stay it.(for up to 4 person)

I traveled by bicycle from Paris to Nice 2004.My dream is around the world
I want to talk about cycling in the world. 
-Home Stay-
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Himeji City / -Hyogo- / -Kinki-
 Hi, my name is Shin, residents of Hyogo, Japan.
If you are going to travel around Hyogo, please feel free to contact to me.
Let s enjoy riding together! 
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Ukyo-Word Kyoto City / -Kyoto- / -Kinki-
 I have lived at Kyoto city since 1990.
Kyoto is one of the most beautiful city in Japan.
You can see the traditional scene and many old temples in downtown.
Kitayama mauntain of environment Kyoto has many single-truck for MTB.
If you like to ride road-bike at very steep road there are many pavement including very steep road around Kyoto.
I think I can introduce to you many single-track and pavement in environment of Kyoto.

Now I belong to team of bike for Sunday-racer.
So I can introduce to you many shop and team of Sunday-racer at Kyto city too.
If you visit at Kyoto and need some information as above please contact to me. 
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kobe Suma / -Hyogo- / -Kinki-
 Hello, my name is Yuji, living in Suma-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo prefecture, 21 years old male. I actually am not that specialized in cycling but just the one who loves to ride on a bycicle. But anyways I ll be really happy to meet all of you and to guide aorund, so just let me know when you re going to
come to Kobe or Osaka! ;) I love people and especially I love travelers as I love to travel. :) I can manage English, a bit of German, and little Russian. But language anyways is not going to be problem at all. :) I m always waiting for your contacts!! 
-Home Stay-
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Miki(near Kobe) / -Hyogo- / -Kinki-
 30km northwest of Kobe.
He works for Japanese-style confection " long established" store !
He did Cycling around the world, ride through 117 countries, 116.000km
Yoshi s Home Page[E][J] 
-Home Stay-
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Sakai-City,Osaka / -Osaka- / -Kinki-
NbNʼn摜gHi!We are world travellers by bike for 3 years half (1999�`2002). we want to
talk about travelling and cycling in the world. please give us the chance!
We look forward to meeting interesting travelers in osaka. .TABIWA SAIKOU[J]
(Osaka has a big ferry port and you can go to shikoku, kyushu and okinawa Area.) 

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