EXPO 2005 RIDE and JCN

This is an official event of EXPO 2005 AICHI authorized by the Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition with support from the Australian Embassy in Japan. 25 Australian cyclists and 20 Japanese cyclists, with the average age of 63, will ride 800km under the themes of "Challenge of the Ageing Society" and "Nature's Wisdom". See the news release for details.

Japan Cycling Navigator supports this event and involved in several ways. Outcome of the collaboration is described below. We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for every and all collaborators.


We made a series of leaflets for the participants which describe the traffic rules for a safe ride in Japan, the ride route maps and partnering bike shops. Also we got involved in planning parts of the route. They are available for your downloading from the link below.

link.gifExpo 2005 Ride Guide

Anrakugoe (安楽越) and Tokaido (東海道)

The party planned to visit sister cities, which have relationship with that in Australia, and decided the route. There is once exception; Kameyama city, Mie prefecture, does not have such relationship, but that city was chosen because of the pass Anrakugoe (安楽越) which will provide a worthwhile experience.



The Japan office of Giant Co. Ltd., a Taiwan-based world leading manufacturer of bicycles, kindly donated a couple of touring bikes as backup bikes. In case someone need to replace their bike, they can use these bikes.

News Release - "Another JCN"

The Japan Corporate News Network (JCN) K.K., "another JCN," kindly covered our press release and circulated it through their global news network. One of "our JCN" staffs, Eiichi Watanabe, coordinated with both Giant and "another JCN."

link.gifJCN News Release

Thank you all for your kindness and collaboration!

uploaded:04, 06, 2016