Another example of RINKO:Sheet type Rinko Bag

MTBThis page shows another example of RINKO.

bikes without mad guard is easier to do RINKOIf your bike doesn't have MAD GUARD, it is very easy.

Bind wellI recommend you bind your wheel and frame well.

Simple sheetThis RINKO BAG is very simple cloth, so very easy to pack.

finishFinish. Don't hold your bag. You should hold your frame directry.

About this type of Rinko Bag

I'm a lazy guy, so I hate playing a puzzle how to put my bike into a small Rinko Bag. Therefore, I prefer this Rinko Bag very well.

This product can be used for other persoses like a tarp, but a little too small to cover your body when you bivouac.
This cloth is very thin, not strong like other Rinko Bags.

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How to buy plastic sheet in Japan

As you saw already, you can make a RINKO Bag like this way, go to a DIY shop, then buy a plastic sheat("BINIIRU SHIITO"), then simply cover your bike.
It is sold every DIY shop at around 300 YEN.

How to get corrugated carton for bike in Japan

DANBOURU BAKO:corrugated carton If you temporary need more soild box, get a corrugated carton for a bike.

Just visit a nearest bike shop, then tell then "JITENSHA YOUNO DANBOURU BAKO WO KUDASAI", which means "Give me a corrugated carton for bike".
If they have, they give you it as free.

This bag is usualy too big for carrying. So it is reccomended to make it a bit smaller with knife and packaging tape("GAMU TEEPU" in Japanese).

uploaded:08, 11, 2005