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Kaga City / -Ishikawa- / -Chubu-
 Hello, I live in a hot spring street near the Sea of Japan. My nickname is kota. I am creating URUSHI lacquer ware. Lacquer ware is one of the traditional crafts of which Japan boasts. The lacquer ware that I made has been exhibited in the museum in Germany. And, I am
growing the vegetable without using agricultural chemicals. I would like you to spend night in tatami-floored room. The room that you spend is a private room. And, there is a rest room to be near. The bicycle can be indoors kept. I know a safe road as for the bicycle.
The road can enjoy a very beautiful view. There is Hakusan(White mountain) that is the sacred ground of the mountains belief to be near. There is Temple Eihei that is the head temple of the the Soto-Zen. Please experience the pastoral landscape and the forest zone
in typical Japan. 
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Minami Uo numa City / -Niigata- / -Chubu-
  Hi. My name is Akihiko Nakano. I am a grad student of International University of Japan(IUJ). If you have some questions about this area, feel free to contact me. 
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NOGUCHI Hiroyuki
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Ogaki / -Gifu- / -Chubu-
 Hi, I am Hiro. I lived in the US for 20 years and moved to Japan about 3 years ago. I spent two years in Tokyo and got somewhat depressed about the city. Then a year ago, I moved to Ogaki that is 2 hours away by train from Tokyo.
It is like Sacramento, CA in many ways. It is only 20-30 minutes from down town Nagoya, 60 minutes from Kyoto, 60 minutes from ski resorts, and right here there are plenty of bike ride courses with onsen every 10 Km. It is a bikers haven.
I work as a international management strategy consultant and am on a project in Gifu. I am a pretty active road bike racer, a ski racer, and a golfer. I have ridden bikes for many years including mountain bikes in the Lake Tahoe and Marine area in summer for 10 years. I currently focus on road bike racing and training. If someone wants to go on 50 - 150 Km bike trip, I can arrange something fun with my local road bike friends and have a blast. Oh, one more thing, the lodging is excellent here. If you are a high tech kind of a guy, you would love the infrastructure that I am assisting the Gifu Prefecture Government to establish.

"Multiple Day Guide in Ogaki and Kyoto, possibly Tokyo. Consider home stay program only with resume and strong referral. Telephone interview before hand is helpful" 
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  / -Nagano- / -Chubu-
NbNʼn摜gWe are living in Saku Area.
Located at east of Mt.Yatsugatake.
Surrounded by mountains and very quiet.
There are so many good biking routes from on road to off road include single tracks (especialy hill climb!!) around my town.
I m a doctor and live with my wife and two cheerful sons.
My house is near the intersection of R141 and R299. 
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Toyohashi / -Aichi- / -Chubu-
 Toyohashi city is located at the Intersection of R1, R23 and R151, between Mikawa Bey and Hamana Lake.
Room for guest. 

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